Karen Huger on Robyn: She Needs to Stop

Karen Huger on Robyn: She Needs to Stop

BravoTV.com: Tell us about how you felt asking Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant to leave your event. How were you able to compose yourself after?
Karen Huger: Having security escort both Robyn and Gizelle out of my event was a no-brainer. These two women showed up to show out and out they went! Their failed attempt to ambush the Alzheimer’s event spoke volumes about their morals and lack of character. It was neither the time nor the place for their cruel antics and unbecoming behavior. Their actions do however, speak volumes as to how low these two will go. I remain fully committed to lending my voice to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. There is absolutely nothing Robyn nor Gizelle could ever do or say that would cause me to waiver in my steadfast commitment to my mission. We will find a cure.

BravoTV.com: How did it feel getting praised by your husband’s family for all your hard work, and making as much money as you did at the O charity event?
KH: Our family has endured great sorrow and loss because of Alzheimer’s. Having Raymond, our children and in-laws love and support me in my effort to contribute to finding a cure, gives me the strength to continue my close partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association.

BravoTV.com: Describe seeing Robyn and Gizelle at the CBC, were you surprised by their reaction? 
KH: Given that Gizelle and Robyn were recently escorted out of my event, I can understand Gizelle feeling a certain way and not inviting me to her booth. However, my commitment to CBC has spanned over twenty years. CBC is a very powerful and honored event in our community which I have always and will continue to support. It is important to note Gizelle intentionally did NOT want me at her booth, and for her to NOW say she wanted me to support her at the CBC is yet another LIE! She clearly stated she did not want me around her customers. Why would I visit her booth uninvited? Now, for Robyn, poor Robyn. I don’t have a problem with this woman, but she seems to have one with me.

BravoTV.com: What do you think about Robyn yelling liar after you and saying it’s the lying that is the hurtful part? 
KH: First of all no one has lied to Robyn. She needs stop with the FAKE “I’m so hurt” lies. All I have to say is, Robyn please look at yourself.  You’re an embarrassment not only to yourself, but you are a poor reflection on the historical CBC community and for what reason – why?

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